Learn Arabic to understand Quran

There are innumerable courses for Arabic available online. Picking the right one is a daunting task. The first criteria to decide is based on what you are trying learn. Is it for learning alphabets, learning to understand modern Arabic or learning classical Arabic to understand the Quran.

To understand the Holy Quran, you will be able to find many courses including few good ones on YouTube. There are courses available from Understand the Quran Academy which emphasizes on building vocabulary with the words prioritized based on its count of occurrence in the Quran. This makes it quite easy if you want to relate the words of the Quran immediately and at its best to get the complete meaning of a verse or atleast a thematic understanding of the verse.

The traditional way of teaching classical Arabic is to start from the Nouns and Verbs, i.e., to teach the Grammar of the language. This is how you will also find the Table of Contents of many of the books on the subject. Taking this approach there are many courses available online. The course from Bayyinah named ‘Arabic with Husna‘ stands out for the below reasons:

1. Learning from Video vs Audio vs Book: A picture is worth a thousand words. Needless to say nothing beats the medium of Video or better a Live Class room setup.

2. Practicing from Material with the Teacher vs Self Work: A preliminary go through of the teacher on the course material helps more than starting up on your own where there’s high chance of getting lost or not able to relate the material with the ongoing topic. You remember, this is how we used to learn in the school.

3. Revising the concepts: This is one major action to be done, especially when it comes to learning a language or its grammar. This is different from practicing where you are implementing the concepts learned.

The bonus in addition to the above points so nicely done on Bayyinah course is the fun way of teaching of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan to his daughter Husna. The sessions themselves are very well laid out and are very short averaging at 15mins of duration.

This is so far the best one I have found. The point to note is not on which one to pickup, but its more on actually picking up some thing to start!


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